Photo: Cannelle Wiechert

Photo: Cannelle Wiechert

Want to get involved with the Village au Pied-du-Courant this summer?

The Village couldn’t function without its valuable volunteers. Come with your friends and help get the project running by planting leafy greens or planning workshops. To let us know what you have in mind, fill out this form and we'll shortly be in toutch or contact directly

The team at the Village au Pied-du-Courant thanks you and looks forward to meeting you this summer!

There are three types of volunteering needed at the Village: 

1. BUILD A VILLAGE:  Help get the Village off the ground (May 8th-31th)

Physical tasks will include:
-  Spreading the sand
-  Painting
-  Assistance with building the kids’ play areas

Other tasks related to the construction of the site as determined by the volunteer coordinator and site supervisor


2. GREEN THUMB:  Planting and garden maintenance

Physical tasks will include:
-  Planting on-site
-  Watering the gardens and greenhouses every two days
-  Tend ing to weeds and tidying up of green spaces once a week


3. COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES:  Activity support and community-based project promotion

Site decoration and/or welcome booth for special events
-  Supervision of playground areas and rental station
-  Host activities at the Village
-  Become an ambassador of the Village in your community: Help lead community consultations and distribute promotional materials in your neighbourhood
-  Answer visitor questions related to our hours of operation, activities and on-site services
-  All ideas are welcome; send us an email if you want to propose something special!


NOTE : All volunteers who wish to get involved with the Village will have to sign a waiver concerning safety issues and the responsibilities of each participant (the volunteer and La Pépinière, the organization responsible for the Village au Pied-du-Courant)