Frequently asked questions

〰️ How can I get involved as a volunteer?
First of all, thank you for your interest! Send us a message to


〰️ Is the site wheelchair-accessible?
Absolutely! The zones that are the most easily accessible will soon be indicated clearly on a plan.


〰️ Can I bring my dog to the Village?
Yes, your dog is welcome as long as she’s on a leash. Our policy: your dog, your responsibility.


〰️ I let loose on the dancefloor and lost my watch/bag/sunglasses
on a big night out at the Village.  How can I retrieve them?

All lost objects are brought to and stored at the bar, so come see us during our open hours!


〰️ I’m a musician and I would love to play at the Village. How does the programming work?
You can write to 


〰️ I have a food truck/I’m a chef/restaurateur/gastronomy buff
and I would love to feed the Village-goers this summer. Who should I be in touch with? 

You can write to 


〰️ I’m an artisan and I would love to take part in one of the Sunday markets. Who do I contact?
We will soon be announcing the date of our market featuring exclusively local products . Stay tuned on our Facebook page for all the details.


〰️ I really want to join your dream team. How can I make that happen?
Please send your CV to


〰️ Can I bring a picnic (chips, juice boxes, sandwiches) to the Village?
Yes, food is permitted at all times! That said, we ask that alcoholic beverages from outside the Village stay outside the Village. 
We also ask that you refrain from bringing glass containers or bottles for safety reasons.


〰️ What’s the cigarette policy on-site?
Cigarettes are allowed at the Village (like in any public space) with the exception of the terraces, the kids’ playgrounds and sports areas.
That said, we ask that you be conscientious of the cleanliness of the site and of the rosy-pink lungs of nonsmokers!


〰️ You have many sports & games areas, but do you have equipment too?
Yep! All necessary equipment is available on-site for a small rental fee. Ask for more information at the beach bar.


〰️Are kids allowed on-site?

Yes, the space is open to all: big, small or in-between.


〰️ Can I use my debit or credit card on-site?
No, cash is necessary for buying food and drinks, as well as for renting sports equipment.
There are ATMs on site.


〰️ I would like to use the site for a private event. Is that possible?
Please note that we don’t grant exclusive access to the site during our regular hours of operation. We are, however, happy to discuss ways to make the space useful and open to a greater variety of people and initiatives. For more information, contact


〰️ When does the 2019 season of Village au Pied-du-Courant start ?
On May 31th until September 15th.