The Village au Pied-du-Courant is a reinvented public space. Built anew every year by a collective effort, the project is made possible thanks to the participation of dozens of teams of designers and the support of countless collaborators. Dynamic in nature, the Village is an urban living lab for the experimentation and development of new practices in design, entrepreneurship and the arts. In order to prioritize accessibility and encourage community engagement, entry and all programming is -- and always will be -- free.

The Village au Pied-du-Courant has been managed by La Pépinière | Espace collectifs since its creation in 2014. A non-profit, the project subscribes to the goal of revitalizing an under-utilized urban space, while also permitting the local community to reappropriate it. For this reason, the project’s DNA can be broken down into four intertwined components:


The community is the foundation of the project: Citizens, designers, organizations, collaborators, participants and volunteers, as well as the online community directly shape the project.



The reinvented site is a place for community affirmation. In this frame of mind, the Village au Pied-du-Courant positions itself as a dynamic and evolving living space.


The structure of the space makes it a living lab where entrepreneurial initiatives and organizations can experiment with new practices in the arts and design, and participate in the co-creation of sustainable development.


This laboratory hence acts as a platform for showcasing rising talent -- whether it be in design, visual arts or the local music scene -- for the benefit of the local community.



Call for Proposals: Cultural programming 2018

The project's 5th edition is characterized by its participative approach, divided into three calls for proposals: installations, projects in incubation, and for the very first time, for cultural programming and events. This approach aims to create a project that reflects the needs of Montrealers, in terms of the site's amenities and design, services offered and cultural programming.

You can participate in the call for participation for cultural programming in two ways:

1- CALL FOR CONCEPTS - submit a concept for a day at the Village and invite your community to participate. The concepts must be multidisciplinary and include unique content (adapted to the Village's site) to reinvent the experience on site for a day based on a proposed theme.

2- CALL FOR TALENT - submit programming content (animations, performances, guest chefs): do you have a talent or knowledge to share with the Village community? Are you in a band, do you want to organize a conference, an origami workshop, a friendly sports tournament, or a dance performance. Send us your ideas!

☞ To submit a proposal, fill out the form HERE


To read the FAQs, head over to the French side of the site


Call for proposals

The call for proposals guidebook for the 2018 edition of the Village au Pied-du-Courant is here! In it you will find two categories: installations & projects. Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Dowload here !






Since its earliest editions, the success of the Village au Pied-du-Courant has relied on a collective effort and approach towards the project. The commitment, talent and ingenuousness of the builders and collaborators have largely been responsible for transforming the site from concept to creation. This has enabled the Village to host close to a hundred outstanding works from local designers and architects, and helped document the emergence of new creative talents over the years. Each installation is carefully documented and displayed on-site to serve as a memoir of the project.

Through its annual call for projects, La Pépinière puts forth a collective practice between urban planners, designers, architects and visual artists to help conceptualize a creative project in the image of Montreal’s diverse and multifaceted identity. Through this process, the Village seeks to highlight local talent, encourage the sharing of ideas and create an authentic space for urban experimentation.





By Le pictographe
Manon Guiraud / Nicola Dubois / Carol-Anne Bourgon Sicard
Charlotte Gandin / Zoé Burns-Garcia


By Table Architecture (Facebook: @tablearchitecture)
Bernard-Félix Chénier / Hugo Duguay / Nathaniel P. Joanisse / Karl Robert

⏥ L'ARCHE   

By Maison 029
Eadeh Attarzadeh / Lorenzo Saroli-Palumbo / Philippe Saurel


By Collectif Viaduc
Laurence Boire / Sacha Mclean


ByTania Gutierrez Monroy / David Jaime Ruiz (web: CGMaison)



By Atelier PAK (Instagram: @atelierpak )
Cécile Pélissier / Pouya Khazaeli

⏥ LA place  

By Collectif Congé Mérité
Lysanne Saint-Laurent / Maxim-Olivier Morin
Marie-France Paquette / Michèle Beauchamp-Roy

⏥ LE garage

By Local
Wanda Darcy / Elena Radeva




ByGabriella Novellini


By Fanny Guigon


By A MANO (Tumblr)
Ileana Hernandez / Michael Jachner

⏥ BLOCS À sable

By Pastrès & filles
Lorène Copinet / Marianne Girard

⏥ mobilier de
plage projet VI

By Georges Abou-Atmé et Jessica Daoust

⏥ mobilier de plage

By Keyan Ye et Lisa Vo

⏥ mobilier de plage

By Obiekt (Facebook: @obiekt.mtl)
Philip Staszewski et Gabrielle Rousseau


⏥ Une serre conteneur  


By Therence Bois / Christopher Waburthon / Gabriel Galipeau
Quentin Declerck/ Camille Brisson-Mercure / Yury Sambale

⏥ Une bibliothèque

By LAAT (Facebook:

⏥ Une MINI ferme
de grillons URBAINE



At the foot of the Jacques Cartier Bridge and facing the St. Lawrence River.



On foot, by bike or metro (Papineau station on the green line).

From Papineau station, Follow de Lorimier Street underneath the bride, then along the river towards the Est to get to the main entrance. Another entrance is located near Fullum Street.

No parking spaces are available on site, but some parking spaces can usually be found on fullum Street (acces via Sainte-Catherine St.).



June 1st to September 16th



Thursday: 5 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Friday: 5 p.m. - 12 a.m.
Saturday: 3 p.m. - 12 a.m.
Sunday: 3 p.m. - 11 p.m.

The Village will be exceptionally open for Wednesday-night fireworks the 19th and 26th of July 2017.



The programming of the project is part of a desire to make the Village at Pied-du-Courant even more inclusive, welcoming and accessible to all. To do so, free programming spaces will be kept available to develop a variety of activities with organizations that reach families, children and elders.


Thursday «5 à sable»

Disconnect from city life and enjoy happy hour on Thursdays at the Village, where the mood is tropical sunshine and the sand is fine.


Friday «Soirées Sohmer»

On Fridays, tune in to the rhythm of the Village with dance workshops and visual animations come to life with electronic beats from our favourite local DJs.


Saturday «Tous garnis»

Themed evenings, cultural celebrations, and concerts showcasing local talent on the rise.


Sweet Sundays

Brunch, outdoor yoga, acoustic concerts and open-air projections make Sundays at the Village hard to beat.



〰️ How can I get involved as a volunteer?
First of all, thank you for your interest! Please get in touch with us at


〰️ Is the site wheelchair-accessible?
Absolutely! The zones that are the most easily accessible will soon be indicated clearly on a plan.


〰️ Can I bring my dog to the Village?
Yes, Fifi is welcome as long as she’s on a leash. Our policy: your dog, your responsibility.


〰️ I let loose on the dancefloor and lost my watch/bag/sunglasses
on a big night out at the Village. 
How can I retrieve them?
All lost objects are brought to and stored at the bar, so come see us during our open hours!


〰️ I’m a musician and I would love to play at the Village. How does the programming work?
You have two options:
1) You can sign up for our acoustic Sundays by filling out
this form. All are welcome!
Or 2) you can write to if you have something bigger in mind.


〰️ I have a food truck/I’m a chef/restaurateur/gastronomy buff
and I would love to feed the Village-goers this summer. Who should I be in touch with?

Please contact


〰️ I’m an artisan and I would love to take part in one of the Sunday markets. Who do I contact?
This summer, we’re organizing a large market featuring exclusively local products on August 13th.  If you are interested you can fill out this form!
We will also be hosting a huge garage sale on July 9th! If you wish to participate, just fill out this form.
For more information, please contact


〰️ I really want to join your dream team. How can I make that happen?
Although our 2017 team is currently full, we accept spontaneous applications for other projects.
Please send your CV to


〰️ Can I bring a picnic (chips, juice boxes, sandwiches) to the Village?
Yes, food is permitted at all times! That said, we ask that alcoholic beverages from outside the Village stay outside the Village.
We also ask that you refrain from bringing glass containers or bottles for safety reasons.


〰️ What’s the cigarette policy on-site?
Cigarettes are allowed at the Village (like in any public space) with the exception of the terraces, the kids’ playgrounds and sports areas.
That said, we ask that you be conscientious of the cleanliness of the site and of the rosy-pink lungs of nonsmokers!


〰️ You have many sports & games areas, but do you have equipment too?
Yep! All necessary equipment is available on-site for a small rental fee. Ask for more information at the beach bar.


〰️Are kids allowed on-site?
Yes, the space is open to all: big, small or in-between.


〰️ Can I use my debit or credit card on-site?
No, cash is necessary for buying food and drinks, as well as for renting sports equipment.
There are ATMs on site.


I would like to use the site for a private event. Is that possible?
Please note that we don’t grant exclusive access to the site during our regular hours of operation. We are, however, happy to discuss ways to make the space useful and open to a greater variety of people and initiatives. For more information, contact


〰️ When does the 2017 season of Village au Pied-du-Courant end?
Our last evening together with our toes in the sand will be September 16th.

Want to get involved with the Village au Pied-du-Courant this summer?

The Village couldn’t function without its valuable volunteers. Come with your friends and help get the project running by planting leafy greens or planning workshops. To let us know what you have in mind, send an email to and fill out this form and we'll shortly be in toutch or contact directly

The team at the Village au Pied-du-Courant thanks you and looks forward to meeting you this summer!

There are three types of volunteering needed at the Village:

1. BUILD A VILLAGE:  Help get the Village off the ground (May 8th-31th)

Physical tasks will include:
-  Spreading the sand
-  Painting
-  Assistance with building the kids’ play areas

Other tasks related to the construction of the site as determined by the volunteer coordinator and site supervisor


2. GREEN THUMB:  Planting and garden maintenance

Physical tasks will include:
-  Planting on-site
-  Watering the gardens and greenhouses every two days
-  Tend ing to weeds and tidying up of green spaces once a week


3. COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES:  Activity support and community-based project promotion

Site decoration and/or welcome booth for special events
-  Supervision of playground areas and rental station
-  Host activities at the Village
-  Become an ambassador of the Village in your community: Help lead community consultations and distribute promotional materials in your neighbourhood
-  Answer visitor questions related to our hours of operation, activities and on-site services
-  All ideas are welcome; send us an email if you want to propose something special!


NOTE : All volunteers who wish to get involved with the Village will have to sign a waiver concerning safety issues and the responsibilities of each participant (the volunteer and La Pépinière, the organization responsible for the Village au Pied-du-Courant)